Mkango Resources Ltd. (TSX-V/AIM: MKA) is a Canadian dual listed mineral exploration and development company on the UK and Canadian stock exchanges. Mkango is focussed on rare earth elements and associated minerals in the Republic of Malawi, a country whose hospitable people have earned it a reputation as "the warm heart of Africa". The Company holds interests in three exclusive prospecting licenses in Malawi, the Phalombe licence, the Thambani licence and the Chimimbe Hill licence.

The main exploration target in the 80% held Phalombe licence is the Songwe Hill rare earths' deposit, which features carbonatite-hosted rare earth mineralisation and was subject to previous exploration in the late 1980s. Mkango completed an updated Pre-Feasibility Study for the project in November 2015 and a Feasibility Study is currently underway, the initial phases of which included a major 10,900 m diamond drilling programme which was completed in 2018.

Under the terms of an agreement with Talaxis, Talaxis has fully funded the Feasibility Study for Songwe by investing £12 million for a 49% interest in the project (via Mkango subsidiary Lancaster Exploration Ltd). Talaxis will also have the option to acquire a further 26% interest by arranging funding for project development including funding the equity component thereof. If Talaxis exercises its option, Mkango will retain a 25% interest, free carried to production. To-date, Talaxis has invested £12 million, which is funding the Feasibility Study, for a 49% interest in the project with Mkango holding 51%.

By investing a further £2 million, Talaxis will acquire a 49% interest in Maginito Ltd, a new subsidiary of Mkango focused on neodymium alloy powders, magnets and other technologies. This includes the collaboration with Metalysis Ltd announced in September 2017, which is focused on advanced alloys using neodymium or praseodymium with other elements for permanent magnet manufacturing. Permanent magnets are critical materials for most electric vehicles, direct drive wind turbines and many other high growth applications. Neodymium is a key rare earth component at Songwe. To date, Talaxis has invested £1 million for a 24.5% interest in Maginito with Mkango holding 75.5%.

The main exploration targets in Mkango's remaining two 100% held licences are, in the Thambani licence, uranium, niobium, tantalum and zircon and, in the Chimimbe Hill licence, nickel and cobalt.


The Company's mission is to spearhead the development of mining in Malawi, to provide maximum shareholder value and to implement meaningful and successful social responsibility programs.

Company principles include:

Targeted exploration and development with a strong focus on assessment of commercial implications and management of risk

Focus on building long term and sustainable stakeholder relationships in Malawi and globally

Cultivate in-house technical excellence coupled with support of cost effective and synergistic research and development programs

Seek to become the partner of choice for exploration, research and project development focused on rare earth elements and the Republic of Malawi

Empowerment of local and international staff through training and other initiatives, and fostering of a diverse workplace culture

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